==> Go have some more fun.



You still can’t help but regard the yellow blood with nothing but a sense of amusement.  You did not even need to raise a finger yet and blood had already been drawn. Just giddy maybe you could show him how your little dear was doing. Last you saw it seemed a bit of the fight had died out .

Lean against the wall next to the door shaking your head and making patronizing tisk’s in his direction. Taking almost no note to the scooter and its apparent modifications.  At most more source of hilarity then any form of menace.

“Really? Are you that |>etrimine|> or just |>aft, haha wow I almost soun|> e|> like fishsti<k for a moment there.  So what if you just |>ie in the pro<ess an|> an|> I put up your frozen bo|>y somewhere for her to see?”

Now you were giving definite indication she was here. Why lie about it. All this was to you was a good bit of fun more provided by the intrusive honey blood.  Turn towards the door for a moment and open it watchful of the rooms interior.

“Why |>on’t you go an|> see for yourself.”

One hand was holding the door the other lazily twirling the sword in his general direction.  Why not chance it. A little risk was good and this was almost divine of how lively things had gotten. Just all the energy about your hive was almost ice breaking.

You had been listening to the commotion outside. Your blood pusher nearly stopped when you heard it was Oxalis. It was and wasn’t what you wanted to hear. A familiar voice was a welcome at least calming considering your current state but the thought of what this bastard had already done to you and what he could do to Oxalis. You were barely standing as is and feeling close enough to death for your own good.

Continue to listen to the words exchanged from behind the door. Leaning against the wall for support just staring at the door that was in the way of you actually doing anything of any use. It was a wonder you were standing in the first place.

Then the last thing you expected was to hear the lock to the door click and it to open. Wait had been done to make this happen. You were worried there was something else worse happening or some ulterior motive to the actions.

You were certainly no sight to be seen. Already pretty bruised up, shaky, teary eyed, and bloodied. All you can do is look outside almost like a deer caught in the head lights to whatever may take place here. Just hoping on what little luck you may have it would be good. Then hoping Oxalis would not be to worried when he did see you.

“… . Ox”

Nearly sounding pathetically weak. Hating how pathetic you sounded but you spot the highblood at the door and eye him cautiously. If he hurt Oxalis you would use what little energy you had left to protect him.  Just shuffle a little closer.

Okay, seeing Harlie doesn’t help you stay composed, really, because it makes your blood pusher fire up into your throat and it ALMOST makes you drop your slippery wrench.

But even so, it doesn’t distract you from doing what needs to be done! You rev up Judy, and even if the highblood doesn’t feel like she’s a threatening sight, you’re SURE that he’ll have to think twice when the blades suddenly jutt out further, bearing down in front of the wheel, you raise yourself up one-legged on the foot stand, and you basically take off down the hall towards him. Your luck for YOURSELF is no good, but hell- even if you get hurt you’re pretty sure that it’ll just give HARLIE better luck anyway, and she’s the one who’s been hurt and needs to escape!

You’re a few feet from the highblood, Harlie, and the opened door between them when you hop off of Judy and leave her careening towards the other male, wrench still in-hand , teeth gritted.

"JṶDY, deploy sidecar!" You shout that after your scooter, which is swiftly starting to lose its balance, but as soon as the side car parts unfold and the extra wheels hit the ground she stabilizes and the sidecar crashes into the open door, snapping it off its hinges and simultaneously ripping the sidecar from Judy’s main body, which continues its possibly stupid looking but still rather sharp and pointy voyage.